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This is a list of supported deep links and URL parameters for Please use these methods to link from your web page to this site - these are the ones that are likely to stay around longer.

Map, tracking a callsign:

The above method only works with targets which consist of numbers, letters and the minus (-) character. No spaces or other non-APRS-callsign characters are permitted in this short link format. If you wish to link to a non-callsign target (like an item, object or AIS vessel with spaces) you need to use the longer format and remember to URL encode the callsign (a space becomes %20 - look up the target name by entering it in the tracking form and check what appears on the URL bar of your browser):

Up to 20 callsigns can be tracked at the same time by specifying a comma-separated list (call=N0CALL,N1CALL,N2CALL).

If you wish to specify a time range for the track line, enter it in the timerange parameter as seconds (again, this won't work in the short link format):

Showing other stations:

If you wish to show other stations around the station being looked up, set the others parameter to 1:

Map, centered at coordinates:

Enter the latitude and longitude in the lat and lng parameters, in decimal format. Latitude in the southern hemisphere is negative, and so is longitude in the west. You can look up the decimal coordinates using the map view by selecting decimal coordinates from the Options.

Specifying zoom level and map type:

Zoom level (url parameter z) is specified as an integer value: 1 is completely zoomed out, showing the whole world, 19 is the maximum zoom level.

Map type goes in the mt parameter. Supported values are roadmap, satellite, hybrid, terrain and osm.

Showing a label for coordinates:

A label can be specified for the initial coordinates. A marker will be shown at the given latitude and longitude, and a balloon containing the label will pop up.

Station info page:

This link does not have any other URL parameters. If the callsign has spaces or other special characters, they need to be URL encoded.

Weather report page:

Works much like the info page link. It currently defaults to a 48 hour view. The view can be specified by adding one of these specifiers in the end: day, week, month, year.

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